Revolution Is Dead

revolution chess pawn king queen bishop rook

Great chess players know how to fully utilise their pawns. [Photo: Karam Kurda]


The ease of It seems we are being exposed to more and more police crimes and abuses of duty daily,  Eric Garner, a black man choked to death on video by a police officer, has been cleared of criminal charges. I’m not one for anti-establishment pieces but I feel a bit like a sceptical Candide; asking ‘if this is the best of all possible worlds, what of all the others?’

A general discontent and feeling of injustice has littered social media for the past few months; where tweets and statuses replace the molotov cocktails and sit-ins of a bygone era.

Learning from the civil rights movements of the 60’s and from the various countries in the red period- the West has, for years, implemented a strategy not to quell revolution but to prevent it, that is, to stop it ever from occurring.

Whilst demonstrations and protests still exist, such is the example of the popular #Occupy movement, the government doesn’t really fear this as a

Not by becoming a 1984 police state; no, that would be far too primitive- but by using various devices into lulling the average citizen to believe that these things will occur and the best place to solve them is through the state, even though they were committed by the state.. States of the past have always used extensive propaganda against revolutionaries, shocking and appalling the general public to diminish support for the opposition.

Yet the level of indoctrination that the Western countries have enforced far surpasses those early crude attempts of the propaganda war; their fight began before the start of revolution.

Effective pre-emptives strike on the disillusionment with the police and state, these days we only have looters and protestors in bouts of misdirected anger. But why?

Does the education system no longer build intelligent charismatic leaders that can inspire and lead people to change? No, these people exist in every time; it is not for a want of leaders, there are always too many wannabe leaders.

I won’t delve into trying to decipher the tactics the state employs to ‘control us’ because, truth is, we don’t know enough about them.

What is important is these days the average person doesn’t believe that a revolution or a change of affairs could ever come to be, and if it did it would not have a positive outcome. This has been very impressively drummed into us.

Look objectively and think the high profile coverage in the media of  people who never deserved to die killed by the police with no retribution. Sounds like what you would expect to hear about from the regimes of Middle Eastern dictators and talk of ‘armed rebels’ – ‘fighting for their rights’.

There are plenty of ‘activists’ and angry young people out there but none of them have taken to mobilize into groups and, during riots, confront the police with ‘tactics’. To the joy of the ‘higher-uppers’, it’s always a looting free-for-fall pounded in by years of desiring propaganda.

Even if an armed militia group were to sprout up in Mississippi or Hackney, God have mercy, because they would be made an example of by the army, ripped to shreds by the media- whilst we all applaud the government for saving us from them.

The government has betrayed most people many times and behaved completely unacceptably, and the reaction is always to complain through the correct platforms and protest. And nothing changes.

Do any of us really ever expect radical change?

They murdered revolution and, as a result, our generation do not believe in the power of the people.


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